Saturday, December 13, 2008

T.O.U's Please Read

I just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that it is against my T.O.U to upload any of my kits into any file sharing group, that includes PANDO,4Share and Rapidshare and god knows how many more others are out there.. Why am I mentioning this? Because I found out today that someone purchased my Bundle Overlay Pack in one of my stores then when into a google group, uploaded that file into Pando and then shared it. Maybe i should feel flattered that someone thinks my work is good enough to be shared, but it really hurts that someone can be so selfish and not follow anyones TOU.
Yes they were only overlays, but there were 10 overlays packs in the bundle. Yes it was only 2.50, but if 50 people download that bundle that is $125.00 that i could have used to buy my fiancee something for christmas, and purchase more CU items to help make freebies for ya'll. So im not flattered someone likes my work, I'm pissed off that someone could be so mean, and selfish during the holidays, and think its a big joke and take away from someone else.
Guess I'm done venting, as I'm really upset right now.
Please please please respect my TOU, and if you see something of mine being shared in another group, please dont hesitate to email me privately.
Happy Holidays Everyone
Kimmies Kreations

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