Saturday, August 30, 2008

!!!!! Hurrican Gustav !!!!!!

This is for anyone that is in the path of Hurricane Gustav, that could very well if not already reach a category 5 hurricane.. I pray that everyone and their families are safe and out of harms way.. Three years ago Katrina hit New Orleans and now this.. Lousiana doesnt need this right now.. To my dear friends I know some have evacuated already and some will be evacuating tomorrow.. You are all in my thoughts and prayers till ya'll come home..

I wish i was made of money I would rent every hotel room I could, buy plane tickets or whatever they needed to get them and their families out safely. But all I can do is offer prayers.
Guess its time to play the lottery more often that once a week.

Hugs and prayers to everyone
Kimmies Kreations

*~First PTU Kit Available~*

Wooo hooooooooooo I am pleased to announce that my first PTU kit is now available at Angelic Scraps.. Hope ya'll like it. Below is a preview of the kit along with the link to the store..

You can find this kit available HERE
Thank you and have a great and safe weekend
Kimmies Kreations

♥ Lollipops & Charms Freebie♥

Was just playing around in PSP this morning and made a few Halloween Charms and
a couple of lollipops.. I did the lollipops in Halloween colors but you are more than welcome
to colorize them to match your project.
Kimmies Kreations

♥ New Venture♥

I never thought I would ever sell my own scrapkits.. But I'm so excited to be able too. A wonderful lady by the name of Kristina owner of Angelic Scraps has taken me under her wing and offered me a place in her store.... Now I know alot of people are sighing going great there goes another one.. Trust me I know how you feel and will continue to make freebies for those that dont want to buy scrapkits.. I never thought I would go Pay To Use, but I also know what it feels like to not being able to buy something. So believe me, I wont forget those that just want the freebies, you wont be left out .

Keep a look at.. I have my first PTU Kit in the works and should be up soon.. When it is I will put up a preview..

Love and Hugs
Kimmies Kreations

Thursday, August 28, 2008

♥~ New Kit HAUNTED~♥

Just a simple little kit.. I couldnt think of what to put in it.. lol
There are frames in the kit as well.. They came from an awesome script by Beth Turner .You can find some of her scripts on her blog
I forgot to put them in the preview but they are there
Kimmies Kreations

♥~Lace Heart Frames~♥

Just something simple tonight.. There are 4 Heart Frames
I did different colors but as always you are free to colorize them to whatever you want.
Hope you like
Kimmies Kreations

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

♥~New Kit DragonFly Dreams~♥

I found this awesome dragonfly by Vivian at where you
can find her downloads, shes quite the talented lady and she does them freehand.. OMG I wish I had that kind of talent.. I also think I am hooked on Redfields Ripple Waters Effect.. I love these flowers.. I could make them for hours and hours..
Anyways I guess I'm getting a little off track. The awesome dragonflies gave me an idea for a kit so i just whipped this one up.. Hope you like it.
If anyone has any suggestions or color ideas please send them my way. Id be more than happy to try and come up with something.
Have a great night
Kimmies Kreations

Monday, August 25, 2008

♥~New Kit Sparkled Insanity~♥

Well I got the new kit done earlier than expected.. I'm pretty proud of it and I hope ya'll like it.. On the frames I left one of them plain with no diamonds on it in case you didnt like the diamond frames.. I played around with a few presets today and bevel settings and a couple of ding fonts and I'm pleased with it.. Not as sparkly as I thought it would be but then again I didnt want to go for overkill, sometimes there is such a thing as too much
Have a great day.
Kimmies Kreations

♥~I'm Just Amazed~♥

I'm just amazed how many people seem to be liking my scrappy things..It just thrills me beyond belief.. I started this as a whim and decided to take a chance and seems that whim is working.. Thank you to everyone who has left me a message either on the shout out or on the downloads.. I do read each and every one of them and it brings a smile everytime i do.. You guys make it worth scrapping.. I have a new kit in the works, should be ready either tomorrow or wednsday or maybe even today if i can get my idea to work so keep an eye out.

Hugs to a very dear friend, her name is Beth and her and her family are going through a tough time right so.. So if everyone can keep them in your prayers it would mean alot to them and to me as well.. She is trully a remarkable person and needs all the love and support she and her family can get..

thanks a bunches everyone
Kimmie's Kreations

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hmmmm I seem to be onna butterfly
I just made 5 of them.. You can recolor them any way you want.
I just thought they were kinda different so snagg away if you want.
Kimmies Kreations


I have a new kit for ya'll.. Purple is one of my favorite colors.. So after learning how to make some buttons and bows and OMG i never realized how time consuming bows can be lol .I made some beaded wire things, im sure there is an easier way to make them, but all i did was make some circles resized different layers cut and blended them and then added some pearls.
Hope everyone likes it.
Kimmie's Kreations

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's raining cats and dogs outside so i was messing around with the Sinedots Filter..

i like how they came out.. Although they do show up better on a dark background, but your welcome to recolor them to your hearts content..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

♥My First Kit♥ Myztikal Kreations


WOO HOOOO.. OMG I had so much fun creating this kit.. Although names I'm a little weak on.. Since i created this blog I have been playing with all the filters I have bought and OMG I didnt even realize what I could do with them all. I think the Redfield plugin is my favorite because i can make some awesome flowers. Thank you to Karin for the awesome RicRac script.The butterflies i made with a preset shape and then messed around with EyeCandy Bevel and Chrome Settings.. I hope you all like it.. All the files are in PNG format as i had no idea how to save them.. If there is a better way Please dont hesitate to let me know

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tropica Storm and a Note

Hey ya'll.. thank you to everyone who has left a message.. It means alot.. Im really excited about this and im hoping it goes real well.. On a side note, there appears to be a Tropical Storm headed towards Florida (lucky me). This morning it looked like it would hit more towards the west coast, but now it seems that the path has changed and it looks like it could go right up the middle of florida.. I live on the East Coast, so its still uncertain how bad it gets.. Right now we are just getting some slight winds, rain and a few thunder booms.. BUT. OMG dont ever go to the grocery store with the threat of a hurricane coming.. People are insane, they run you over, take up half the aisle, screaming kids every where.. I wanted to scream.. lol I've been practicing in paint shop pro and photo shop today, pretty pleased with myself too.. I think I even mastered making my own flowers.. I did make some pretty cool paperclips today,but I forgot i needed to make a TOU and i have no idea what to put.. so as soon as i can figure one out I will have some little things to share with you.

Kimmie Kreations

Friday, August 15, 2008

I've Joined The Blogging World

OMG I can't believe ive joined the blogging world.. I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time.. Do I have any clue as to what I'm doing? NOPE.. but I'm having fun trying it out.. If you have any suggestions it would be graciously appreciated