Friday, November 28, 2008

New Award & New Layout

Angelique at Digital Embellishments is so sweet and gave me this award.
Thank you so much Angeligue. Be sure to go over and check out her blog, she does the cutest posers.
The rules for this award is to pass it on to 5 others who havent received it yet.
I'm passing mine on to
I had to do a new layout, its been a work in progress but i have to say i think
this one is my favorite so far. Layout comes from my newest PTU Kit Christmas Morning
Love and Hugs
Kimmies Kreations

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday/Weekend Sale @ Angelic Scraps

The Fantastic Designers at Angelic Scraps
are doing a Black Friday/Weekend Sale.
Don't Miss Out on some FANTASTIC Sales

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New PTU Kit In Stores

Finally Have A New Kit In The Stores.
Christmas Morning Comes in Fullsize and Tagger Size.
Fullsize kit has 16 papers 12x12 300dpi and 35 elements and is suitable for printing.
Taggersize Kit has 16 papers 700x700 @72DPI and 35 elements.
These Kits are Available at ScrapItSassy, Angelic Scraps & Mischief Scrapz
Have A Great Day Everyone
Kimmies Kreations

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Sorry Everyone...

I feel like I owe everyone an apology for not having some new things for you all. It's been a rollercoaster week and this week isnt looking any better.. Our car decided to kick the bucket last week, so being without a car isnt easy. My fiancee hasnt been feeling well also. He has a genetic kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease and has been on dialysis for a year now.. Saturday he was having some pain in his hip and yesterday he could hardly walk.. 6am this morning he calls me so loud it scared me half to death and was in so much pain he was about to pass out. His face was as white as a sheet, was sweaty and shaking all over. Luckily he was able to sit down when i got there, cause if he had passed out i was screwed. We called his kidney dr and told us to get to the ER asap and he would meet him there. Seeing that we live on the second floor and my fiancee is not a small guy i knew the paramedics wouldnt be able to get him down the stairs.. So I called his dad and said i needed help. I got him dressed and started to make our way down the stairs.I'm panicking because hes in so much pain and thought he was going to fall down the stairs.. Thank God for dad, he came and stood infront of him, all i could think was please god dont let them fall.

They are keeping him in the hospital, they have done a ct scan and his kidney dr has an order for an orthopedic dr to see him either later today or sometime tomorrow.

So I'm sorry about not having anything for you all. I'm in panic mode and seriously have no idea what to do, and trying to figure out how to come up with $450 dollars to get the car fixed.. Being on disability sux .

Please keep my fiancee in your prayers, he could really use them right now.

Love and hugs
Kimmies Kreations

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Got A New Award

Randi over at R.Brown Kreations gave me this award.
Thank you so much Randi, this was really a surprise and very sweet of you.
I'm supposed to list 7 things I'm thankful for and pass it on to 7 people
1 My Fiancee for giving me strength
2 My family even though we are far apart I love you all
3 My online friends.. somedays i dont know how i would get by without you all
4 My Furbabies.... they always know when i need some luvins
5. Kristina,Erin & Crystal for giving me an opportunity to grow
6.My KitchenAide Mixer.. cant bake without it.. lol
7.This blog .. giving me the opportunity to meet knew people and share things that i create.
My 7 People that I choose
Hugs and Happy Scrapping
Kimmies Kreations

Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day Sale ♥Tomorrow ONLY

Friday, November 7, 2008

♥New Kit Winter Sky... plus a Freebie ♥

I finally got a new kit uploaded into the stores today.
I made a fullsize and tagger size kit and includes over
20 Papers,24 bows, 56 assorted elements,6 frames and a complete
alpha kit.
This kit is available HERE, HERE & HERE
Since I had made a few too many things I made a addon Freebie for everyone.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

♥New Award♥

How sweet is this... A Lovely lady Kyra gave me this award.
Thank you Kyra, for thinking of me.
There are no rules for this award, just to pass it on..
So I'm passing the award to the following ladies
Off to finish this new kit for the stores.. the dang thing is killing me i
Kimmies Kreations

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

~New Layout & A Knitting Question~

Ok.. halloween is over and i decided that the blog needed a makeover. Believe it or not i was stuck on ideas so i used my newest PTU kit Gingerbread. I think i like how it came out. Maybe a little christmassy a little too early, but i love the smell of gingerbread, I even got the gingerbread flavored coffee creamer, as it only comes out during the holidays..
Also over the weekend I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. I have no idea what possessed me, other than I was thinking back to when I was a kid and my mom teaching me how to crochet. I loved making granny squares, and always had a dozen potholders for my grandmother, and when I was old enough to tackle on the big stuff I had made my grandmother and grandfather afgans in different colors.My mom could never knit,so I went to my favorite craft store (AC Moore) and headed over to the sewing aisle. My O/H was with me and found a kit that said Learn to Knit in six steps. Believe it or not I got the knit stitch, and the purl stitch down pretty good. So brilliant me decided to try and tackle something christmas and found an easy (so it christmas sock.. and now im stuck.. lol Does anyone knit? and if so is there an easy way to explain to me short rows? cause I'm
Speaking of AC Moore they have some awesome deals on christmas things,(wreaths, ribbon,all kinds of piks) and they have some really cute door hangers that you can paint yourself . So now the debate, do i want a wreath on the outside door or a wooden christmas hanging. Decisions,
Ok enough ranting I guess.. But seriously if anyone of you wonderful ladies knows anything about knitting.. can you send me an email? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee I would be forever greatful
you can email me here..
Thank you so much and have a great day
Kimmies Kreations

Monday, November 3, 2008

♥Beth's Birthday Blog Train Day 10♥ Freebie♥

Today is my day for Beth's Birthday Blog Train.

Dedicated to her daughter Nicole.

Hugs and have a great day.

Kimmies Kreations

Sunday, November 2, 2008

♥New Years Eve Overlay♥Commercial Use Freebie

I have a CU freebie for everyone.
Two New Years Eve Overlays
12x12 300 DPI
I made these freebies as they match the
2 Overlay Packs I have at ScrapItSassy and will have at
Angelic Scraps sometime tomorrow
enjoy and have a great day
Kimmies Kreations

Beth's Birthday Blog Train Day 7 & 8 Freebie

I completely forgot to post Day Seven so I'm posting day 7 and 8
sorry about that everyone