Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Family Addition.......

The newest addition to the family.
My niece Jamie Elizabeth was born Friday Morning.
She is such a cutie and blessing as well.
The Monday just before Christmas my Sister In Law was headed to
her OB appointment and was in a pretty bad car accident. It had been snowing and we
don't think the truck that hit her even realized he hit anything, but my sister in law had to be cut out of her car and suffered a broken wrist, fractured ankled, bruised tailbones and lots of bumps and bruises. Dr said that the baby had a strong heartbeat and appeared to be ok.
Then on April 10th, Good Friday, baby Jamie came into the world with a great set of lungs so I have been told.. lol Big Brother Cody says she makes lots of noise. Sister In Law and baby are great and coming home today as a matter of fact.
Welcome to the world Jamie and prepare to be spoiled :)
Auntie Kimmie

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