Friday, October 31, 2008

Beth's Birthday Blog Train Day 6 Freebie

WOW another fantastic freebie for ya'll
todays freebie comes from Bobbie
So head on over there and leave some lovins.
Today is Halloween here in the USA, not sure if we will get any trick or treaters.
My fiancee and I moved into the neighborhood in June of this year so we dont really know
if we will get any lil ones or not tonight. I decorated our front door and window yesterday,and got some glowsticks to use outside since our light doesnt work,got some candy and a plastic pumpkin to hold the candy so at least if we get some lil ones knocking on the door, we can hand something out.. If not oh well more candy for I'm a major chocoholic and its been killing me staring at the bad of snickers and NOT open
Tonight is Ghost Hunters Live as well so i will be watching that starting at 7pm.. WOO HOO
I have been looking forward to this all dang month. They are running a marathon right now and you betcha I'm watching it.. Luckying fiancee is still asleep or else the channel would be changed till he heads off to
Hopefully I'm gonna have some freebies for ya'll later today.So keep an eye out for that as well.
So to those that celebrate halloween.. Happy Halloween and to my Wicca friends
Happy Samhain

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