Saturday, August 30, 2008

!!!!! Hurrican Gustav !!!!!!

This is for anyone that is in the path of Hurricane Gustav, that could very well if not already reach a category 5 hurricane.. I pray that everyone and their families are safe and out of harms way.. Three years ago Katrina hit New Orleans and now this.. Lousiana doesnt need this right now.. To my dear friends I know some have evacuated already and some will be evacuating tomorrow.. You are all in my thoughts and prayers till ya'll come home..

I wish i was made of money I would rent every hotel room I could, buy plane tickets or whatever they needed to get them and their families out safely. But all I can do is offer prayers.
Guess its time to play the lottery more often that once a week.

Hugs and prayers to everyone
Kimmies Kreations

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  1. Thank you Kimmie! My husband and I live in Gulfport, MS and his parents live in New Orleans. We are staying home because we are safe, but my in-laws went to Tennessee today. The both of us are Katrina survivors, but he did lose his apartment in Chalmette...Thank you again for your kind words and prayers:)


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