Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tropica Storm and a Note

Hey ya'll.. thank you to everyone who has left a message.. It means alot.. Im really excited about this and im hoping it goes real well.. On a side note, there appears to be a Tropical Storm headed towards Florida (lucky me). This morning it looked like it would hit more towards the west coast, but now it seems that the path has changed and it looks like it could go right up the middle of florida.. I live on the East Coast, so its still uncertain how bad it gets.. Right now we are just getting some slight winds, rain and a few thunder booms.. BUT. OMG dont ever go to the grocery store with the threat of a hurricane coming.. People are insane, they run you over, take up half the aisle, screaming kids every where.. I wanted to scream.. lol I've been practicing in paint shop pro and photo shop today, pretty pleased with myself too.. I think I even mastered making my own flowers.. I did make some pretty cool paperclips today,but I forgot i needed to make a TOU and i have no idea what to put.. so as soon as i can figure one out I will have some little things to share with you.

Kimmie Kreations

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  1. Please be safe with this Hurricane!
    I'll be thinking of you!
    Awesome Blog too Babes!!


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