Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Sorry Everyone...

I feel like I owe everyone an apology for not having some new things for you all. It's been a rollercoaster week and this week isnt looking any better.. Our car decided to kick the bucket last week, so being without a car isnt easy. My fiancee hasnt been feeling well also. He has a genetic kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease and has been on dialysis for a year now.. Saturday he was having some pain in his hip and yesterday he could hardly walk.. 6am this morning he calls me so loud it scared me half to death and was in so much pain he was about to pass out. His face was as white as a sheet, was sweaty and shaking all over. Luckily he was able to sit down when i got there, cause if he had passed out i was screwed. We called his kidney dr and told us to get to the ER asap and he would meet him there. Seeing that we live on the second floor and my fiancee is not a small guy i knew the paramedics wouldnt be able to get him down the stairs.. So I called his dad and said i needed help. I got him dressed and started to make our way down the stairs.I'm panicking because hes in so much pain and thought he was going to fall down the stairs.. Thank God for dad, he came and stood infront of him, all i could think was please god dont let them fall.

They are keeping him in the hospital, they have done a ct scan and his kidney dr has an order for an orthopedic dr to see him either later today or sometime tomorrow.

So I'm sorry about not having anything for you all. I'm in panic mode and seriously have no idea what to do, and trying to figure out how to come up with $450 dollars to get the car fixed.. Being on disability sux .

Please keep my fiancee in your prayers, he could really use them right now.

Love and hugs
Kimmies Kreations


  1. I'm so sorry you are having so many troubles Kimmie! I hope your fiance gets better quickly and that things start to improve for you all the way around. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. you are always in my prayers Kimmie. love you!!

  3. Kimmie, I hope your fiance is better now. I know all about living on disability and having a car that's ready to bite the dust. My prayers will be with you both. Take care.


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